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full circle recycling program saving packaging from landfill

Now you can bring back your unrecyclable Aveda packaging and accessories to Aveda Experience Centers in the United States.We are excited to offer a new way for you to help keep Aveda packaging out of landfills; our Full Circle Recycling Program. Aveda has partnered with g2 revolution®, a leading recycling innovations company, to provide guests the chance to return Aveda packaging and accessories not accepted by municipal curbside recycling programs to all 107 Aveda Experience Center retail locations in the US.

animals and aveda

Our commitment to animal welfare is one of our founding principles. We care for every living creature. We do not conduct animal testing, nor ask others to do it on our behalf, except when it is required by law.Our commitment to caring for animals and wildlife reaches far and wide.

help support breast cancer research

Every year during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Aveda releases a limited-edition of our bestselling hand relief™, and donates a portion of the purchase price from each sale to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation® (BCRF) for cruelty-free research. This year, for the month of October, Aveda will donate $4 U.S. from the purchase price of each hand relief™ to the BCRF.* BCRF is a nonprofit organization founded in 1993 by Evelyn H. Lauder and is the only national organization strictly dedicated to funding clinical and genetic research on breast cancer at medical institutions across the country. For more information about BCRF, visit

changing lives in Nepal

(now that's a reason for joy)

2,400 families can buy food and clothing, repair their homes, send their children to school and save for the future because more than 4,900* people were hired to make more than 1,400,000** sheets of paper for our gift sets. That's a lot of lives changed. And because it protects 34,000 acres of forest it also fights climate change, which could change all our lives.

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