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Are you tired of the same-old/same-old?


Do you want to play it safe? Change it up? There is a technique, and a colourist standing behind you, ready and willing to turn that desire into dazzling hair reality. All you need to do is start the conversation and we’ll even help with that.


In Salon Colour Treatment



Hair colour appears to be the hottest trend amongst celebrities.The word ‘ombre’ is a French word which implies ‘shaded’. In order to achieve ombre hair colour, balayage technique is mostly adopted.Ombre hair is half blonde and half brown. It is darker atthe roots of the hair but lighter at the tips.



A comfortable baby step into the world of hair colour. This process takes your existing hair colour by its hand and takes it darker, changes it’s tone, or blends in those pesky natural highlights (we never say grey).



Want to lighten up, but not completely? In this process, your colourist weaves sections of hair out and wraps them in foil with a lighter colour. The end result can be soft and subtle, blending closely with your existing colour, or strong and distinct, with head-turning, wow-inducing contrast.



The ‘yin” to the highlight’s ‘yang.” In this process, your colourist also weaves sections of hair out and wraps them in foil, but this time it’s to the dark side. Low lights can be used to tone down blondes, add depth to a style. and even cover up those natural highlights (again, we never say grey).



If highlights and low lights give you the yawns, get a bolder effect with this process. Slices are not shy, and will proudly display their colour definition. For the thick-haired or the curly-haired, this is a surefire winner.



This process does exactly what it says, takes two or more slices and puts them smack-dab next to each other, with no hair left untouched as a buffer. Definitely for the more adventurous, this bold dimensional effect demands, and will get plenty of attention.



So, maybe root-to-tip isn’t you speed. Then tips might be right up your alley. This process is a more contemporary approach-colouring just the ends of hair. Either “tip” your whole head, or use it sparingly to accentuate the line of your cut. Works like a charm, whether you’re straight or curly.



Don’t be fooled by the name; married people can do this too. This process places individual highlights or low lights in the appropriate place to emphasize movement in the hair. The perfect punctuation for every head turn, toss, or head bang.



Balayage is a French term for hair painting. It is a freehand placement of highlights, without the use of foils, allows for a more natural colour application that complements and contrasts in all the right places.



For those who want to jump in feet first and commit to being a full-fledged blonde, redhead, or brunette, this is for you. It’s also for those who want to deny their commitment to natural salt-and pepper highlights.



Everyone knows there’s a difference between blonde and BLONDE/blonde. This one’s for the latter. You want to be uber blonde, and you want everyone to know it. This process lightens the hair then tones it for the ultimate bomb-shell-ifcation. Just be prepared to start having more fun!



Take any notion of crop circles and toss them out the window. This process first divides the hair into two or three circles, and then applies either complementary or contrasting colours to each layer. The end result is a layer, cascading effect that can be as soft or as strong as your appetite dictates.



When just one colour won’t do this process melts two or more colour together by overlapping them and blending them together. Blondes will look fresh off the beach, reds will rival a tequila sunrise, and brown will resemble a mouthwatering toffee-and-caramel dessert. Stunning-any way you go at it.



Not in love with a previous colour job? Not even in “like” with it? Have no fear-colour correction is here. This process usually takes two or more services on the same day, and is the best way to shift your shade or tweak your tone.



Thinking of laying down a darker shade? Consider this the all-important primer. This process is the essential first step in going dark.

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